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The High Press: Manager Tendencies and where AVB went wrong

In an article written at the end of July I introduced a metric which measured the intensity of a team’s high press. That article can be found here, but in summary, this metric measured the number of passes that a team allowed in its attacking areas of the pitch per each attempted defensive action. A […]


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Scouting Report: Is Memphis Depay Another Andros Townsend?

An excellent question, and one that should concern clubs looking at spending between £15 to £20M on PSV’s left wide forward. Today I’ll tuck into both of their stats to find out. First, Andros Townsend. So much try, so little do. Elite dribbling and shot generation, good passing accuracy, plus decent key pass numbers. Useless […]

Gifolution: The Majesty of Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti. World Cup Winner. Euro 2000 Finalist. 5-time Italian footballer of the year. Golden Shoe and Golden Foot winner. 235 Serie A goals in 561 games, all for Roma. Yet outside of Italy, he simply isn’t revered. He should be – he is a magnificent footballer. Maybe it’s because he has just the one […]

Player Positional Tracker: Leicester v Everton

Leicester 2 vs 2 Everton (16th August 2014) A viz showing player movements (using Opta event data) at or around the time shown on the clock. Can see Baines’ almost continual link up with Pienaar (solid lines showing passes) Evertone heavy on left side (as usual) McGeady had quite a roving role Hammond added some […]

Player Positional Tracker: West Ham v Tottenham

West Ham 0 vs 1 Tottenham Hotspur (16th August 2014) The interesting thing about these vizs is that you can watch the clip a dozen times or more and you will see something different every time.  Below are some of my thoughts on the positions that players took during the game, but I know that […]

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